Amanzi 100 Club Terms & Conditions

Amanzi Plumbing & Heating terms and conditions

Payment terms – Applies to works totaling £1000 or more only:

• Please note a £250.00 booking fee is expected to reserve your booking. This will be deducted from your final invoice.
• A 50% deposit is required 14 days before commencement.
• A further 30% will be required after the completion of first fix.
• The remaining 20% will be required immediately on completion of second fix.

Payment terms for works with a value of less than £1000, unless otherwise stated:

All labour costs are approximate and are subject to change dependant on actual time spent completing works.
Invoices are due for payment immediately upon delivery to the customer. All materials and goods supplied by Amanzi Plumbing and
Heating shall remain the property of Amanzi Plumbing and Heating, until the full invoice has been paid by the customer.
Late payments are liable to a penalty charge of 5%.

Standard Terms:

-All estimates for work will be provided based on the information given to Amanzi Plumbing and Heating by the customer/representative.

-Any variations to the work following the issue of the estimate will be charged for in addition.
-In the event that requirements change due to insufficient information having been provided, defects found in existing installations etc, the
customer will be liable for any additional expense incurred. This includes structural defects such as sub-floors and walls.
-The customer shall be liable to meet the cost of any additional work, services or fittings that need to be provided to rectify any event or
situation which arises during the course of the works that are unexpected or beyond Amanzi Plumbing and Heating’s control. Amanzi
Plumbing and Heating cannot be held responsible for such events or situations.
-Quotations shall remain valid for acceptance by the customer for a period of one calendar month following the issue of the quotation and
work is to commence within two calendar months from the date of the quotation unless agreed otherwise.
-Additional charges may be incurred for items that require assembly such as furniture and enclosures.

-The Guarantee shall be for labour only. Our labour guarantee is for 12 months from the date of completion with the manufacturer’s
independent warranty in force.

-The Guarantee will become null & void if the work/appliance completed/installed by Amanzi Plumbing & Heating is
subject to misuse or negligence. It shall also be null & void if repaired, tampered or altered in anyway by an engineer not affiliated or
appointed by Amanzi.
-All intended work areas must be cleared of any obstruction prior to work commencing. This includes any items of financial or sentimental
value. The responsibility of such items is your own (the client) and in the event of any accidental damage caused to such items it is at your
own (the client) expense to repair or replace, due to not having been sufficiently protected.
-Dust sheets will be supplied and laid out as a precaution during the process of the work to protect your property, Amanzi Plumbing &
Heating will put right any accidental damage that is caused to any structure during the process of the work by an employee of Amanzi
Plumbing and Heating.
-Amanzi requires that safe & secure parking as well as toilet and washing facilities are to be provided for its staff on all jobs. If this is not
possible, we will need to know before commencing work to make the necessary arrangements.

-Amanzi 100 club discount rate is set at 10% on Labour.

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